Beginners & Up 

How-to's of piano playing for adults looking for a rewarding means of enjoyable recreation, parents who want to share music-making with their children, and teachers interested in including music activities in their classrooms.

Adult Beginner Curriculum:

• Getting Started 

• Songs on the Black Keys 

• Rhythmic Notation 

• Songs on the White Keys 

• Reading the Grand Staff 

• Combining the Black and White Keys 

• Beyond the 5-Finger Tune-up 

• Interval Accompaniments 

• Chords

PianoPlainSimple frame

Books & Music

Students select their own music along with learning a wide variety of pieces from the book,  Piano—Plain and Simple. The included CD helps students make the most of their practice time, providing a “take-home” model of each piece studied. 

Hear mp3 sample of orchestrated play-along selections. 

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